What is Happiness? A Clean Kitchen The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

  • By Maid Brigade
  • 16 Nov, 2016

The kitchen, in particular, wears many hats in a house – it’s the centre of the family team huddle, the place for bantering with friends, a computer room for paying the bills, and let’s not forget its natural purpose – an area of the house to cook food with family and friends.  

It is that part of the house that stores and prepares the food and nutrients that are required by the body. Food nurtures the mind, body, and soul.

The Helping Guide for De-cluttering your Kitchen Counters

There is something completely invigorating and life-giving about a clean, de-cluttered kitchen counter. Though it is one of the most difficult areas of the kitchen to keep clutter-free, it is often the most desirable. It promotes opportunity and feasibility, after all, who enjoys cooking in an overcrowded kitchen?

Easy methods to de-clutter:

1. Remove all the unnecessary items that are rarely used.

2. Make a separate space for all your kitchen components such as spoons and spatula, plates, coffee pots, toaster, microwave oven, etc.

3. Set your morning and evening kitchen cleaning routines. Prepare a checklist for de-cluttering the kitchen counter to manage your routine task.

4. Sponge away the wet countertop.

Become a Minimalist

If you are targeting at a clutter-free kitchen counter , you should make good use of your kitchen cabinets. Hide away the items that are not regularly required in the kitchen into those cabinets. It will make your kitchen look neat and orderly.

But in case, you have open shelving, then have a unified color palette for your kitchen. Only display the essential items in beautiful containers to make your kitchen look tidy and clutter-free. Everything in your kitchen should have its proper place. Always leave your kitchen in an organized condition.

Keep your Kitchen Clean, Safe and Hygienic

Keeping your kitchen clean and germ-free can often seem like a formidable task as mastering nuclear physics or some other entirely unrealistic goal. Preparing three meals a day and cooking several snacks can lead to messy countertops, oil-spattered stovetops, and other unpleasant kitchen messes. Continue reading for a few words of wisdom that can help you retain your kitchen in the healthiest way possible.

Wash and disinfect your dustbin once a week; it will remove all the foul smell and prevent any bacteria growth. Also, regularly sweep and mop your kitchen floor to keep debris and grease at bay. You can also divide your refrigerator into different compartments according to various food groups; this practice will keep your refrigerator organized.

While cleaning spilled your kitchen into different sections; this will allow you to focus on one section at a time. The sections can be divided into cabinets, counter tops, under counter tops, pantry, the sink area, refrigerator, and freezer.

Some smart habits that anyone can adopt in any kitchen to keep it clean and clear:

Cleaning Tools and Solutions Every Cook Requires

The following are the basic must-have cleaning tools in a kitchen:

1. The most fundamental tool that you should have in your kitchen is a scrub brush.

2. For wiping your unclean counters and tables, you require a dishcloth.

3. For scratchless cleaning of your non-stick pans, cast-iron skillets, enamel-coated dishes and regular stainless steel pots, you can make use of abrasive scrubbing pads.

4. For heavy duty cleaning of your stovetop grates, steel wool is the solution. But use it with care because it is abrasive and can scratch some surfaces.

5. For a quick clean-up of mess and spills, or to burnish things to shine, use cloth and paper towels.

6. Plastic scraper is ideal for sweeping a sauté pan or digging into corners without causing any damage to enamel or nonstick cookware.

7. Protect your beautiful hands from cleaners, abrasive scrubber, and gross food with rubber gloves.

The above mentioned methods will aid you in keeping your kitchen clean. But we know how a messy kitchen ruins your whole day; so let our reliable and professional maids at Maid Brigade, BC provide you with high-quality kitchen cleaning services .

Check out Maid Brigade’s range of cleaning services; we take care of all your kitchen cleaning needs. We are your cleaning partners since 1979.

Clearning Blog

By Maid Brigade 29 Aug, 2017

Let’s face it, we all know how mind-numbingly awful cleaning your entire house top to bottom can be. Of course, there are a few outliers who actually enjoy the process, but for the majority of home owners out there the hatred is ever-prominent.

And since we’re so kind, and wish to make your life sweet and smooth, we decided to make that cleaning process a little easier for you, by compiling a list of three must-have cleaning products for DIY cleaning.

By Maid Brigade 16 Aug, 2017

A clean home makes for a happy home. Happy because none of your guests are forced to sit in your filth when they come over for a nice cup of coffee and a chat.

According to science though , the majority of us out there are doing it all wrong. Of course, we do clean our homes, but for the most part probably not as often as we should, as often as we’re supposed to. Sometimes it’s easily done. When surfaces and rooms and areas look clean, we simply assume they are – without even considering all the bacteria that is hidden beyond the obvious.

That is the main reason cleaning is so important. So important that science says we should clean this following list of items way more regularly than we probably do.

By Maid Brigade 25 Jul, 2017

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep a house tidy and clean when you have children. Not only do they take up much of your time, but they can also add to the mess that happens on a day to day basis. For children, cleaning can become overwhelming and often they will procrastinate until an untidy room becomes an enormous task to clean and organize. We have put together five great tips that will help you teach your children the importance of keeping their space tidy and helping out around the house.

By Maid Brigade 20 Jun, 2017

Glass stove tops are a popular choice for many older and new homes. There design allows for extra counter space when not in use, and the smooth finish looks very slick. Glass stove tops, however, are sometimes difficult to keep clean. The original shiny and new appearance can quickly disappear if you do not take the time to understand how to  keep your glass stove top looking sparkly and clean . Many different things will contribute to scratches and stains on this type of stove, so we have put together a list of items that will help you keep your glass stove top looking like it has just been taken out of the box.

By Maid Brigade 25 Apr, 2017

Daily household chores can eat away at any free time that you may have. The  stress that goes with that can often cause issues within the home

as well. When you finally make a choice to hire a cleaning company, find the perfect fit and have them clean your home on a regular basis, how do you get the most out of your cleaners? Like any relationship there are small things you can do that will make your cleaning company keep coming back with pride. We have put together some of the best tips to ensure a happy relationship between you and the people that clean your home.

By Maid Brigade 14 Apr, 2017
Having your apartment or house renovated? Then begin thinking about post-cleaning your place. Truly, the real work starts here! No one likes the image of dust floating from room to room after a home renovation. Unluckily, simple cleaning would get your home nowhere near to spick and span clean. In such a situation, there are two possible routes that you can choose from. One is hiring professional cleaners, and two is DIY.

For the courageous do-it-yourselfers, here are some efficient  post-renovation clean-up steps  to show the dust and grime the way out and cleanliness and peace of mind the way in. Are you ready to enjoy your newly renovated living space? Well, then, let’s proceed!
By Maid Brigade 21 Mar, 2017
In the present times, pollution and global warming are on the rise. To aggravate the situation further, government reports and non-profit studies have discovered that exposure to chemicals and toxins found in common cleaning products can cause a lot of health issues including reproductive problems, lung issues, and multiple forms of cancer.

With this in mind, more and more companies in the world are longing for a green clean workplace. This is because an office is one of the most prolific spaces for exposure to concerning cleaning chemicals. No wonder,  chemical-free cleaning practices  are the need of the hour.

By Maid Brigade 16 Feb, 2017
The feeling of contentment that one feels after thoroughly cleaning the house is one of the most cherished feelings. Everything in its proper place, all things dust-free and each room’s fragrance fresh and reviving! The thought itself is invigorating! Like a big teddy hug from the house.

Have you heard the saying, ‘your thoughts become your reality’? Yes, your thoughts can become real. Get a big hug from your home sweet home by using naturalhome-made cleaning solutions to clean your house.

The next time you have a basin to scrub or a window to sponge, just raid your pantry. Everyday products like club soda, vinegar, and even vodka make for quick, inexpensive, and effective house cleaners. These natural cleaning recipes  are not only environment-friendly but are also cost-effective. It's time to eliminate the toxins and chemicals from your home. Let’s go-

For all the Monica Geller’s out there, here are a few of DIY home-made cleaning recipes that will assist you in making all your surfaces sparkle.

By RTOWN Production 12 Jan, 2017
Got one or two places like that already? Well, we will give you 10 of them! We bet you wouldn’t have cleaned the following places in your home in a while. You can either clean your home yourself or call trusted professionals for house cleaning service .

Whether you want to prepare your home for the guests that are going to make their way to your home or for yourself to avoid breathing in dust and living in filth, make certain to put these nastiest, filthiest spots on your list.
By Maid Brigade 20 Dec, 2016
The first and foremost thing to do in order to get a neat and clean house is to get organized and de-clutter your home of all unwanted and superfluous things. It is a two-step process. Firstly, get down to discarding and disposing, and rid yourself of all the extra stuff and unwanted clutter in your home. Once this is done, and your house gets some space, the next step is to get organizers . They are the best thing to maximize storage space in those nooks and corners of your house that otherwise go unnoticed or unused. Organizers are the best way to store stuff without giving the impression of being cluttered.
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